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Lulu’s Talented Students


Lulu feels so proud of her talented students! Today Lulu found some photos which have been taken for a while from her students during the workshops. If Lulu did not look at these photos closely, she would think they were done by herself! ūüėõ

Funny that there were 3 sisters who did the same Seafood Delight workshop together and the 3 finished tables were so cute when they were placed together!

One of the¬†students decided to go for baby blue instead of Lulu’s moss green on her cake cabinet in the Petit G√Ęteau Maison workshop and it looked great! Lulu always encourage her students to be more creative and it proved another time!

Why not join us and release your creative power?

¬†These are all done by Lulu’s lovely students ‚Üď