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It’s Time to Make Your Own Mini Tableware

Lulu always wanted to make her own tableware and here are the silicon flexble molds to make different types of tableware!

They are so easy to use and you can use air-dry clay or polymer clay. You will have so much fun and  you can design your own tableware!

They are now available on the Etsy shop or the Online shopping page

When Lulu has more time she will experiment more designs.

Happy cloning!


Size of Mold: 47mm x 47mm

This mold is made of high quality silicone, it is flexible and you can bend and release clay from the mold.

This is silicone mold for 6th, 8th and 12th scale miniatures

Recommended clay to use includes
1) Air-dry clay –  Hearty Clay, Grace Clay, Cosmos Clay, Resix Clay, Daiso Soft Clay, Pando Clay, La Doll, Mel Fando, New Fando, YAYOI Clay or Das

2) Polymer Clay – Do not bake the mold to prevent it from losing its durability.

You can sandpaper, paint your mini tableware as you desire.

These are handmade molds, so please allow for very tiny defects, if any at all