KK Doughnuts

Jan 2007

KK doughnuts menu
top row
original glazed, traditional cinnamon, chocolate iced, glazed sour cream, glazed devil’s food
middle row
glazed cruller, blueberry flavored, powdered strawberry filled, raspberry flavored, lemon filled
bottom row
cinnamon apple filled, chocolate iced custard filled, chocolate iced creme filled, strawberries & creme

Full Size – 10 x 7 cm
Doughnuts – 0.9cm

KK coffees with original glazed doughnut

coffee – 1 x 1.3cm
doughnut on plate – 2cm

original glazed x assorted KK doughnuts

each box – 3.7(W) x 3(L) x 0.5(H) cm


KK doughnut set

coffee – 1 x 1.3cm
doughnut on plate – 2cm

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