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Enchanting Moment

When East meets West, Cinderella vs Mulan, celebrating the “I do” moment.

Under the wedding bells we have a 3 layer wedding cake decorated with different colour roses and the lovely tiny groom & bride bears sitting on top! Alongside we have some butter cookies dusted with icing sugar. Of course we can’t miss out Champagne for this special moment!

Let’s turn to the Chinese version, “Grand Gifts” is a set of elaborate gifts to be presented to the bride’s family by the groom’s family. Instead of the wedding cake, Chinese people have white, yellow and pink flaky sweet cakes imprinted with “Double Happiness” along with some sponge cakes and walnut cookies. There are dried mushrooms and dried seafood like abalone and shark fins. Also there are coconuts and lotus roots that symbolize “grandfather and son” and “two hearts are linked together”.

Want to make one for yourself or for your friend a wedding gift? Check out our Workshop page to see the details

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One Response to “Enchanting Moment”

  1. Kenneth Cheung
    5:37 PM on July 27th, 2011

    Amazing! Love the chinese one especially. “I” really want to “DO” one myself!