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The Making of Almond Sponge Cake (Edible)

Lulu hasn’t been making sponge cakes for many years and today she saw an easy Almond Sponge Cake recipe and thought to give it a go! The result was great and so yummy! Lulu has changed from cream to honey nougat ice-cream for the topping.


Almond Sponge Cake
Whole eggs 300 g
Caster sugar 200 g
Plain flour 150 g
Roasted almond meal 50 g
Unsalted butter 60 g

Almond tuile
Caster sugar 100 g
Water 100 ml
Roasted almond meal 280 g

Apricot or orange jam
Almond tuile
Orange slices
Cream or Ice-Cream


Poor sponge cake with melting honey nougat ice-cream while taking photos