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Lulu x Visual Merchandising

2 weeks ago Lulu was so surprised that a renowned health food and skin care company asked for her help on visual merchandising for their lanolin products at the Sydney International Airport. There were 3 windows that needed to be displayed. They told Lulu that they wanted to create a sheep farm with imageries of Australia, and Lulu instantly visualised a few scenes in her mind and agreed to help.

Thanks to this opportunity Lulu remembered that she had actually studied visual merchandising at the fashion college!

The most important aim for the vendor is to ensure that the window display could bring out their products, and only an eye catching display would attract the customers’ attention. Lulu had to balance these two things and decided to use a cute cartoon sheep image for the sheep farm. She also thought that the sheep farm should be “outdoor” and hence the sheep are on the grass and with clouds hanging from the top.

It has been very exhausting preparing all the materials and travelling here and there, and there were so many challenges not to mention here. However it has been a very good experience and a lot of people like the window displays. Thanks so much for K, J, D’s help on the day and without you guys Lulu could not make this happen.