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Posted on Sep 09 2013


Thanks so much for your creative ideas in the last few weeks!

And the winner is…………. (drum roll)

Blueberry Cottoncandy by Sumaiya Mehreen!!!!

The reason is the name sounds so sweet and yummy and Lulu can imagine the taste of a blueberry flavoured cottoncandy! YUM YUM. Congratulations Sumaiya!

Lulu will contact you via Facebook for the contact details!

Check out other great/crazy/funny names!!

  • Blueberry Cloud
  • Fluffy Sky Blueberry
  • Fluffy Blue
  • Blueberry breeze
  • Blue lagoon
  • Blueberry Puffs
  • Blueberry Delights
  • Coconut Sky
  • Blue sky
  • Blue Snow
  • Blueberry sky
  • Blue clouds
  • Lulu Blue
  • Blueberry dreams
  • Blue Velvet!
  • Shaving cream
  • Soft dream
  • Blue Heaven
  • Airy Fairy
  • Shining Sky
  • Ocean Foam
  • Blue heaven
  • Fairy cloud
  • Sub Zero
  • Snow Cone
  • Bubble dumpling
  • Bitty Blue
  • Mini sky clouds
  • Cotton Fluff
  • Smurf treats
  • Blueberry delights
  • Blue Puffs
  • Soft smurfs
  • Blue Bubbles
  • Sweet delights
Posted on Mar 19 2012

Etsy Store Update – Mini Garden Items


If you love Lulu’s mini garden items, some of them are now available in our Etsy store! Click the photos and they will direct you to the shop.

Mini Shovel, Garden Fork and Watering Can, your mini garden can't live without them

Dying for some food and hot soup after the hard work?

These little succulent plants will light up your dollhouse and garden
Posted on Mar 16 2012

Need a Break!!!


It has been so tiring doing the gardening work! Time for lunch and today Lulu is having a turkish bread sandwich with tomato, cucumber and shaved ham, also a creamy pumpkin soup.





Posted on Mar 01 2012

More Plants


It’s time to bring in more friends to this little garden.

Posted on Feb 26 2012

Gardening Preps


Without any gardening tools and the right piece of land, Lulu will not be able to plant her little plants, flowers and strawberries.

It seems this piece of land should be big enough, let’s get some tools..

A shovel, a garden fork, a watering can and a crate should be good enough to start off with..

Let’s do some gardening now!


Posted on Feb 20 2012

Strawberry Fence???


Sydney’s weather is so unpredictable lately, it was really Sunny during the day time and suddenly turned to thunderstorms and rain.

The bad weather didn’t affect Lulu’s mood and she has grown some strawberries around the old wooden fence. It may not make sense that the strawberries grow on the fence in the reality LOL. Lulu just likes how they go together.

Remember the little friend planted few weeks ago? They will become neighbours very soon along with other good friends!

The fence’s height is 7cm (2.76 inch)


Posted on Feb 14 2012
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Happy Valentine’s Day


Hope you all have a sweet Valentine’s Day! Hug Lulu

Posted on Feb 06 2012

Sister Power!!!


Yesterday Fiona and her sister Jody have completed another miniature work at Lulu’s workshop! This time they have chosen the Hong Kong style bakery – they have “baked” different types of bread and both girls wanted to make 2 trays of yummy egg tarts, so here you go!

It looks so cute when both bakeries put together.


Posted on Feb 04 2012
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Lulu’s Work for Sydney Morning Herald


Lulu was honored to be  invited to contribute her work for Sydney Morning Herald last month, the topic was about the food trends in 2012 in the Good Living section. Unfortunately the photos didn’t make the final cut.  Lulu was really thankful with this opportunity and her minis had a great photo shooting time.

Posted on Jan 30 2012

New Year New Life


Lulu has finally recovered from illness which has been torturing her for a month (no worries, it was just flu +cough).

While Lulu was in Asia she has the pleasure to catchup with her favourite miniature artist Oiseau DeNim, we have exchanged a lot of ideas and Lulu has learnt a lot from her. Hope to meeting her again soon. :)

To begin with a fresh year Lulu has made some lovely mini plants. Hope these “thriving” plants bring everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Posted on Dec 24 2011
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Lulu wishes everyone a


Joyous, Safe & Peaceful Christmas &


New Year!!!


See what Lulu baked this year!!