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Posted on Sep 09 2013


Thanks so much for your creative ideas in the last few weeks!

And the winner is…………. (drum roll)

Blueberry Cottoncandy by Sumaiya Mehreen!!!!

The reason is the name sounds so sweet and yummy and Lulu can imagine the taste of a blueberry flavoured cottoncandy! YUM YUM. Congratulations Sumaiya!

Lulu will contact you via Facebook for the contact details!

Check out other great/crazy/funny names!!

  • Blueberry Cloud
  • Fluffy Sky Blueberry
  • Fluffy Blue
  • Blueberry breeze
  • Blue lagoon
  • Blueberry Puffs
  • Blueberry Delights
  • Coconut Sky
  • Blue sky
  • Blue Snow
  • Blueberry sky
  • Blue clouds
  • Lulu Blue
  • Blueberry dreams
  • Blue Velvet!
  • Shaving cream
  • Soft dream
  • Blue Heaven
  • Airy Fairy
  • Shining Sky
  • Ocean Foam
  • Blue heaven
  • Fairy cloud
  • Sub Zero
  • Snow Cone
  • Bubble dumpling
  • Bitty Blue
  • Mini sky clouds
  • Cotton Fluff
  • Smurf treats
  • Blueberry delights
  • Blue Puffs
  • Soft smurfs
  • Blue Bubbles
  • Sweet delights
Posted on Dec 16 2011

Winner of Free Giveaway! – X’mas Cake DIY Kit


Thanks so much in participating in my Free Giveaway posted on 24 Nov.

35 entries were eligible for the draw and here is the result!

Drum Roll Please……..
The winner is number 4 and the lucky person is Eliana!!

Congratulations Eliana and Lulu will get in touch with you shortly for your mailing details.

It has been so fun reading/translating (haha) your nice comments and thanks again for participating and reading my blog.

Lulu will definitely have more free giveaways in the foreseeable future.

Posted on Nov 27 2011

Fried Chicken Macaron???


Today is Lulu’s pâtissier friend Adriano Zumbo’s “Zumboron” day. Every year Adriano celebrates his birthday by baking up around 60 types of crazy flavour of macarons.

Last year he had Fish & Chips, Tabaccoroon, Toothpaste, Sichuan pepper etc….This year is even more crazy – Fried Chicken, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Banh Mi Burger macarons.

Believe it or not, they taste quite yummy and it is like eating a savory snack with a hint of sweetness.

Both Fried Chicken and Salt & Pepper Calamari are crunchy as you can tell from their look. The Fried Chicken one tastes like grill chicken with herb stuffings and the Banh Mi Burger one tastes like McDonald’s cheeseburger!

Lulu arrived pretty late and missed out a couple of interesting ones – Margarita pizza, ramen and Green apple pie…

Lulu’s foodie friend Lily’s choice was relatively “conservative”  (Haha) – Pandan & Coconut, Passionfruit & yoghurt, Blueberry lavender and Salted butter caramel.

Still have Blackened Vanilla and Peach Ice Tea in the box and can’t wait to try them tomorrow. :)

Lulu's crazy choice of macarons











Lily's Macarons

Inside the Fried Chicken Macaron








Wanted to try them all!

Here is the complete list of this year’s flavours… Dare to try Vegemite and Eucalyptus???

  1. 70% Chocolate
  2. Baklava
  3. Banana
  4. Banh Mi Burger
  5. Blackened Vanilla
  6. Blackcurrant
  7. Bloody Mary
  8. Blueberry lavender
  9. Butterscotch caramel
  10. Cheesecake
  11. Cherry Coconut
  12. Chestnut & passionfruit
  13. Choc banana
  14. Choc mint
  15. Choc orange
  16. Cinnamon doughnut
  17. Coffee
  18. Custard crunch
  19. Eucalyptus
  20. Fig & Honey
  21. Finger Bun Fried Chicken
  22. Gin & Tonic
  23. Ginger
  24. Green Apple pie
  25. Hazelnut
  26. Lemon
  27. Liquorice
  28. Margarita pizza
  29. Mandarin
  30. Mandarin & Tonka
  31. Mango Black pepper
  32. Maple syrup pancake
  33. Milo
  34. Mont Blanc
  35. Musk
  36. Palm sugar
  37. Pandan & Coconut
  38. Passionfruit
  39. Passionfruit & yoghurt
  40. PB & J
  41. Peach Ice Tea
  42. Peanut Caramel
  43. Pecan Danish
  44. Pistachio
  45. Ramen
  46. Raspberry
  47. Raspberry & Beetroot
  48. Raspberry Shortbread
  49. Redskin
  50. Rice Pudding
  51. Rose
  52. Salt & Pepper Calamari
  53. Salted butter caramel
  54. Salted milk choc caramel
  55. Salted butter popcorn
  56. Strawberry bubblegum
  57. Toasted marshmallow
  58. Vanilla Ecstasy
  59. Vegemite


Posted on Nov 24 2011

Free Giveaway! – X’mas Cake DIY Kit


Christmas is coming very soon! As I promised in an earlier post, I want to do a give away to thank all of you for supporting me!

You may have already seen my mini X’mas cake for my students, now not only you can win this and you can build it the way you like!  Just simply use PVA glue to stick the accessories on top.  Hope you will have fun!

The gift includes: (Please see the photo below, the completed cake is for your reference only)
* Everything is handmade by Lulu!

1x Cake base with cake lace on top of doily
1x X’mas tree biscuit
1x Large Holy leave and 1x Small Holy leave
1x Strawberry dusted with icing
1x Blueberry dusted with icing
1x Ginger bread man
1x Macaroon
1x Placemat


To win this, you must be 

1. My Blog Follower  – Please leave me a comment on this post after you subscribed

And to increase the chance of winning this, you may do all the followings, and leave me a comment on this post for each action you have done.

2. Like my facebook page
3. Follow me on twitter

4. If you have previously bought from Lulu’s Miniatures or my Etsy Store

5. Write a blog post about this giveaway, please leave me the blog post url

If you have done all of the above, you could submit 5 comments (1 for each action) and you will have 5 chances to win!!!

The giveaway ends on 15th Dec 2011.

Thank you and Good Luck!


Posted on Nov 18 2011

An Early X’mas Party


Lulu will be having an early X’mas party with the students this Sunday! Yay! We will be doing BBQ and everyone will be bringing a dish and a gift for a draw.

Students have already advised what they will be bringing:

Creme Caramel, Curry triangles, Garlic prawns, Salads, Assorted meat skewers, Sausages, and other BBQ meats.

You can tell from the above food order that Lulu is a big fan of desserts  haha

Here is a sneak peak of Lulu’s gift for the lucky person :)

Are you ready for your X’mas parties and gifts?

Posted on Nov 15 2011
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Something for my students this X’mas


X’mas is coming up and Lulu is working on these little cakes with X’mas colours for her students. They haven’t been finished yet! Will continue to work on them tonight.

Don’t worry if you are not Lulu’s student, Lulu will be having a FREE GIVEAWAY soon. Please keep an eye on my blog or my Facebook Fanpage!


Posted on Nov 14 2011
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Recent Interview by Living My Passion


Lulu has been recently interviewed by Sorren Galiza from Living My Passion. Sorren believes that we should live our passion because it is our purpose and it is the reason why we can stand proud and thriving to be the best that we can be.

If you have time, please visit her website to get more inspiring ideas! Love Lulu


Posted on Nov 04 2011
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Lulu x Visual Merchandising


2 weeks ago Lulu was so surprised that a renowned health food and skin care company asked for her help on visual merchandising for their lanolin products at the Sydney International Airport. There were 3 windows that needed to be displayed. They told Lulu that they wanted to create a sheep farm with imageries of Australia, and Lulu instantly visualised a few scenes in her mind and agreed to help.

Thanks to this opportunity Lulu remembered that she had actually studied visual merchandising at the fashion college!

The most important aim for the vendor is to ensure that the window display could bring out their products, and only an eye catching display would attract the customers’ attention. Lulu had to balance these two things and decided to use a cute cartoon sheep image for the sheep farm. She also thought that the sheep farm should be “outdoor” and hence the sheep are on the grass and with clouds hanging from the top.

It has been very exhausting preparing all the materials and travelling here and there, and there were so many challenges not to mention here. However it has been a very good experience and a lot of people like the window displays. Thanks so much for K, J, D’s help on the day and without you guys Lulu could not make this happen. 

Posted on Oct 23 2011
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Cadbury, Made in Miniature


Recently there are 3 TV commercials on Cadbury milk chocolates using miniature dollhouse as the theme. Lulu likes the patisserie one very much, how about you?


Cadbury Made in Miniature

Posted on Oct 10 2011
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Hotpot Restaurant


Why Sydney is still so cold in October? Lulu needs some nice hot food to warm herself up before summer arrives. Hotpot would be a good idea! There are so many choices: thin fat beef slices, veggies, different types of meat balls, mushrooms, tofu and more! Even the cat is drooling on the yummy food. Waiter, please give me a bottle of Tsingtao beer!

If you want to pig out with Lulu, workshop is available now > see here 

To see more pictures go to here




Posted on Sep 18 2011

Love Affair with Ladurée


Ladurée Patisserie is Lulu’s dream place to visit, it is one of the best patisseries in France. Last week Lulu received this beautiful Ladurée gift set from her favourite miniatures artisan Oiseau deNim. Each piece of item is handmade by her, how gorgeous they are! Hope that they are real!

Lulu’s friend “L” is now at France enjoying her trip, sure that she had already conquered the nice desserts and breads at Ladurée :)