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Posted on Sep 09 2013


Thanks so much for your creative ideas in the last few weeks!

And the winner is…………. (drum roll)

Blueberry Cottoncandy by Sumaiya Mehreen!!!!

The reason is the name sounds so sweet and yummy and Lulu can imagine the taste of a blueberry flavoured cottoncandy! YUM YUM. Congratulations Sumaiya!

Lulu will contact you via Facebook for the contact details!

Check out other great/crazy/funny names!!

  • Blueberry Cloud
  • Fluffy Sky Blueberry
  • Fluffy Blue
  • Blueberry breeze
  • Blue lagoon
  • Blueberry Puffs
  • Blueberry Delights
  • Coconut Sky
  • Blue sky
  • Blue Snow
  • Blueberry sky
  • Blue clouds
  • Lulu Blue
  • Blueberry dreams
  • Blue Velvet!
  • Shaving cream
  • Soft dream
  • Blue Heaven
  • Airy Fairy
  • Shining Sky
  • Ocean Foam
  • Blue heaven
  • Fairy cloud
  • Sub Zero
  • Snow Cone
  • Bubble dumpling
  • Bitty Blue
  • Mini sky clouds
  • Cotton Fluff
  • Smurf treats
  • Blueberry delights
  • Blue Puffs
  • Soft smurfs
  • Blue Bubbles
  • Sweet delights
Posted on Aug 26 2013

FREE GIVE-AWAY on 4 Assorted Cupcakes


Lulu has been running this FREE GIVE-AWAY  on 4 assorted cupcakes for 2 weeks on Facebook but realised that some of my blog readers might have missed out this opportunity.

So Lulu has decided to extend this GIVE-AWAY for 2 more weeks!!!

What you have to do is to “LIKE” Lulu’s miniatures Facebook page and suggest a name for these cutie bluish cupcakes,  and on Monday Sept 9th, will pick the winner!! Good luck!!


Posted on May 25 2013

Japanese Restaurant Display


Forgot to post this up! It has been completed late last year. Lulu found that the old Japanese restaurant display is just too old and decided to make a new version.

To see all the details go HERE

Posted on Apr 14 2013

Love Peonies


Hello all my dearest miniatures fans! Long time no see!

This mini project has been sitting on my woking table for more than 1 year and finally managed to finish it. Hope you like it!

For more photos here is the PAGE

If you love to have a mini version, feel free to check the ETSY PAGE

Don’t have an Etsy account? Just email Lulu to organise payment and delivery.



Posted on Oct 05 2012
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It’s Time to Make Your Own Mini Tableware


Lulu always wanted to make her own tableware and here are the silicon flexble molds to make different types of tableware!

They are so easy to use and you can use air-dry clay or polymer clay. You will have so much fun and  you can design your own tableware!

They are now available on the Etsy shop or the Online shopping page

When Lulu has more time she will experiment more designs.

Happy cloning!


Size of Mold: 47mm x 47mm

This mold is made of high quality silicone, it is flexible and you can bend and release clay from the mold.

This is silicone mold for 6th, 8th and 12th scale miniatures

Recommended clay to use includes
1) Air-dry clay –  Hearty Clay, Grace Clay, Cosmos Clay, Resix Clay, Daiso Soft Clay, Pando Clay, La Doll, Mel Fando, New Fando, YAYOI Clay or Das

2) Polymer Clay – Do not bake the mold to prevent it from losing its durability.

You can sandpaper, paint your mini tableware as you desire.

These are handmade molds, so please allow for very tiny defects, if any at all

Posted on Sep 16 2012

Mini Kids Birthday Party


Lulu had another opportunity to do a kids birthday party yesterday. Kristal was the birthday girl and she was turning 8. She invited 5 of her closest girl friends to her home and Lulu taught them how to make miniature cakes.

The first part of the section was everyone made their own cake. The first thing they learnt was how to make strawberries. It was quite a challenging task for the 8 year kids, but  they made more then I expected! Then the second thing they did was start making different layers of the cake. The girls have been discussing what colour of their cake should be, it was quite funny that seeing the little girls making their hands full of colour as they didn’t know how gentle they should squeeze the colour out and mix with the clay. After they completed the cake layers they started putting the strawberries and decorations on. Final step was to paint the wooden board and glue the cake on it. The first one was done!

Kristal’s mum Lisa has prepared Grill’d burger for lunch and the girls were having an “indoor” picnic time before the second section start.

The second section was all girls do different parts of the cake and combine them together to form a completed cake to give it to Kristal’s as a birthday gift. This time was much easier and faster since they were all “experienced”.

Lisa has been very organised with the food and the take away gifts, and you would have imagined the kids didn’t want to see their parents come and pick them up. :)

It has been a great fun working with the kids and they were all really enjoyed making miniatures.

Happy birthday Kristal!

Let’s start!

Kristal – Making of strawberries

Their first miniature cake was done!

Happy Birthday Kristal!

See our work!

Kristal is holding her own cake and the “gift” cake

Posted on Apr 29 2012

Easter Giveaway Winners Picked!


Sure everyone can’t wait to see who won the Easter Giveaway!

So Lulu won’t talk too much and here you go!!

Congratulations to……………..

Carey Christiano – Framed Picture with Lulu’s Bunny (Pink)

Mary Nasser – Framed Picture with Lulu’s Bunny (Vintage Green)

Lulu will email you to get the mailing address.

Thanks everyone’s support and reading Lulu’s blog/Facebook. Lulu will have more giveaways coming up!

Posted on Apr 06 2012

Easter Giveaway is now ON!!


Happy Easter!!!

As promised Lulu will have an Easter Giveaway and it is bunny related, Lulu decided not to giving out just one but TWO!

Recently Lulu has back to do some paintings and completed 2 projects on the same bunny on wooden plaques , one with vintage green background and the other one is pink. Thought that it would be nice to have them shrank and framed into mini pictures.

Hope you love these shabby chic bunny pictures and hope you are the lucky one to receive it (or even them!) They are perfect for your dollhouse or miniature set.

This giveaway is absolutely FREE. Open to worldwide :)

See below instructions of how to enter the draw.


To enter,

1. Login using your facebook account or  your email address in the widget below.

2. Simply choose the way that you like to enter the draw, or even choose all options to increase the chances to win! E.g. You may “Like” Lulu’s Miniatures on Facebook and post this giveaway on your blog, and you will enter the draw twice automatically.

This giveaway ends 28/04/12 at 11:59 pm EST and is open worldwide.

You will be automatically picked by the system to receive either the pink or the vintage green bunny picture.

Good Luck and have a great Easter break!!!


Posted on Mar 28 2012

Easter Giveaway!


Watch out everyone! Easter GIVEAWAY is coming up!!!!!!!

Hint: This is bunny related!

Posted on Mar 25 2012

Garden Of Love


Finally Lulu’s garden is completed! Each item is carefully handmade by Lulu with love so let’s call it “Garden Of Love”. It is in 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale .

HERE is the page with all the photos. Do you love the green background or the white background?

Don’t forget you can get some these lovely items from our Etsy store!